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Chesterfield Classic Red

Chesterfield Classic Red
Chesterfield Classic Red
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Chesterfield Cigarettes Amaze from the First Draw Chesterfield Red Cigarettes is a brainchild of world-known joint-stock tobacco company, Phillip Morris that gained its perfect reputation due to its first-grade smoking items that are considered to be the most demanded, high class and popular brands in the whole world. They are aimed at production of new trademarks that would be able to represent the less danger to smokers health that is the pivotal target. This smoking tobacco was named after Chesterfield County, Virginia. There was a historical period when Chesterfield cigarettes actually went into the Top 3 list of the most popular cigarette brands in the United States of America. They are still popular owing to their low price and, as it may seem strange; excellent quality because people possess old stereotypes that everything that is sold at reduced price isnt of high quality. Several decades ago, Chesterfield Red cigarettes were hugely popular across the United States. The brand held leading position in US market for many years and appeared in many legendary movies, including James Bond series and Breathless by Jean-Luc Goddard. Chesterfield Red was also a part of many best-selling books, among which was Steven Kings hit Pet Sematary. Unfortunately, due to the lack of marketing efforts by its manufacturer, adult American smokers barely remember this once top-selling brand. Currently Chesterfield brand is represented in US tobacco market only in non-filtered cigarette segment. However, Chesterfield Red Cigarettes is still enormously popular in more than 50 countries across the world, including Germany, France, Sweden and many other nations. This popularity can be easily explained: smokers highly appreciate the major features of these cigarettes moderate price, invigorating flavor and great quality. So, today our cheap cigarettes store is proud to offer its American customers a unique opportunity to rediscover the superb quality and inimitable taste of Chesterfield Red cigarettes. Every smoker is welcomed to select between three strength styles of Chesterfield brand: Chesterfield Red, Chesterfield Blue and Chesterfield Bronze the one that will suit his smoking preferences in the best possible way. Visit our tax free cig store and benefit from the pleasant prices and the free shipping option. Chesterfield revive the sweet memories about the legend of tobacco industry of the 20th Century.

 Chesterfield Classic Red cigarettes

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